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Service Details

Dave’s Mobile RV Repair is owned and operated by a certified RV technician with over 15 years experience who is educated to diagnose, repair, and service all components of your recreational vehicle including the running gear; However, please note that motorhome engines and chassis are part of the Automotive Industry, and require an Automotive Technician for service.


Maintenance, Repairs, and New Installation on all Appliances, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Refrigerators, Freezers, Ranges, Hoods Vents, Microwaves, Washers, Dryers, Dish Washers, Water Heaters, On-Demand Hot Water Systems, and RV Central Vac Systems.

Bearing Repack

The bearings inside your RV’s axle require routine maintenance. A maximum of 16,000 km should not be exceeded. Even if that distance has not been met, two years is the maximum amount of time you should go between having your bearings repacked. Not unlike engine oil, the grease inside your wheel bearings gets dirty and breaks down over time eliminating its protective qualities. Once this has taken place, your bearings seals can deteriorate and allow grease to contaminate your brakes drastically diminishing their stopping ability. Worn out grease also causes excessive heat build-up in the bearings themselves which can lead to catastrophic failure and costly repairs. Having your bearings repacked regularly is a vital part of your RV maintenance.

Brake Service

The electric drum brakes on your RV are typically hearty and long lasting but can be susceptible to failure. A brake service can be done to ensure each individual brake functions and is properly adjusted. As your brakes wear their stopping power will decrease due to the amount distance between the pads and the drums increasing. Adjusting your brakes minimizes this amount of play and returns them to “like new” performance.


Maintenance, Repairs, and New Installation on Solar and Inverter systems, Antennas & Receivers, Automatic Transfer Switches, Back up Cameras, Batteries, Battery Accessories, Breakaway Systems, Fuses, Generators, Leveling Systems, Lighting, Powered Vent Fans and Covers, Power Cord Adapters, RV Converters, RV Surge Protection, Receptacles and Switches, Re-wiring, RV GPS Systems, RV Stereo & Speakers, Slide Outs, Solar Systems, Stabilizers, Tow Wiring, Trailer Sockets and Plugs.

Parts & Hardware

Replacement Parts & Hardware: Cabinet Hardware, Curtain Hardware, Door Hardware, Decals, Gas Props and Struts, Gutter Spouts, and Systems, Hatches, Heat and Air conditioning vents, Levelers & Jacks, Powered Fan Vents, Roof Vents and Accessories, RV Door Accessories, RV Entry Handles, RV Skylights, and Vent Covers.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you’re in the market to purchase a used trailer, get the facts about what you are about to buy, and feel confident putting your finances towards a used trailer by having a fully certified inspection.

Roof Inspection

The condition of your roof is absolutly critical to the longevity of your RV. A roof inspection takes only minutes and will identify any issues you may have. Deteriorated accessories and sealant due to UV light damage are inevitable and in time need to be attended to. Booking a roof reseal and having any deteriorated accessories replaced will protect not only your RV but your investment in family fun for years to come.

Insurance Claims / Extended Warranty

If you have an insurance claim or extended warranty repair, simply call to discuss your concern, schedule a date for your repair, and have your claim direct billed to your insurance provider.

RV Walk Through

Whether you purchased a trailer, or just need a brush-up on how to operate it, scheduling an appointment for a walk-through is the best way to gain first hand knowledge directly from source on its proper use and maintanace.

Solar Panel Installation & Repair


No plug in, no problem – Have an RV Solar System installed and gain the freedom to camp untethered from the grid. Inquire about adding an inverter to enjoy both AC and DC power on demand.

Winterize & De-winterize

Ensure your RV’s plumbing system survives the winter months by having your RV winterized. This process will save you from costly repair bills in the Spring. When you’re ready to use your RV again, have it de-winterized to set your plumbing for use.

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Spring Service

You’re ready for camping, but is your RV ? Book your Spring Service before hitting the open road, so the only thing you have to worry about is if you packed everything. Spring Service The Spring Service includes inspections on the following components of your RV: Brakes – Will be inspected for wear and tear.… Continue reading Spring Service

Winter Service

Winterizing is a key component to your RV’s annual maintenance when you live where the temperature reaches below zero. This process ensures the survival of your RV’s plumbing system through the winter and saves you from costly repair bills. Winter Service Includes winterization of all your RV’s plumbing components, water filters, washing machines, dishwashers and… Continue reading Winter Service

All Services

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